Treatment and Further Training

Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC was formed in 2014 to serve the needs of children and families facing emotional, behavioral, and other psychological challenges. The founder, Dr. Steven Kurtz, is an internationally recognized expert in child psychology with specializations in a number of areas, including but not limited to ADHD, oppositional and defiant behavior, anxiety, and educational challenges. He is also the founder of the Selective Mutism Programs at both the NYU Child Study Center and the Child Mind Institute. He created the Brave Buddies program, serving the needs of children around the globe with selective mutism.

Here is the link of a list of informational talks related to Selective Mutism Treatment:

Informational Websites and Other Treatment Providers:

Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC ~ Individual, Family and Group Treatments for SM

Selective Mutism Group

Effective Child Therapy – American Psychological Association (APA)

Finding Help – Association for Depression and Anxiety Disorders (ADAA)



The Selective Mutism Bookstore has a list of great informational and children’s books on Selective Mutism.