Please choose the answer that identifies the following VDI skills.

Q1: Parent: Do you want to play with the Legos?


Q2: Parent: Do you need to use the bathroom or should we keep playing?


Q3: Parent: Are you going to play with the blocks or marbles?


Q4: Parent: Should we go to the bathroom now or later?


Q5: Parent: Which toy should I play with next? Child: (Child points to puzzle)

Parent: I see you’re pointing to the puzzle. Should I play with the puzzle or the food? Child: Puzzle.


Q6: Parent: I like this picture of a puppy. What do you think?


Q7: Parent: Do you like playing with Mr. Potato Head?


Q8: Parent: What are you building?


Q9: Parent: Tell me what you want to do next.


Q10: Parent: Can you jump over the ball?

Child: (Jumps over the ball)